New Year's ritual + Asana practice - Bring your journals!

It’s time to say good-bye to 2016 and welcome 2017! The new year holds the vibration of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is also a time to think about the seeds that we want to plant and cultivate for the future. 2017 is a year for transformations and heightened levels of love. It’s a fresh start, a blank canvas – full of new opportunities. 

We will meditate, do some journaling and move through a heart opening Vinyasa flow, followed by a ritual of letting go of things, creating space to welcome the new. We will then end with a chant in celebration of the year to come.

Bring your journals/paper and a pen, your mat if you have one and your beautiful self!

Love and light

Baddý and Klara

New Beginnings at Reykjavik Yoga