Reclaim, Rewire, Return: The Source

Saturday the 27th 2-5pm & Sunday the 28th 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

Join Cat Kabira in this 2-day mini retreat in which you have the opportunity to dive inwards and meet the power brewing inside of you. What’s remarkable about Cat is her ability to read each individual in every group and bring through the essence and gifts that are needed.

This is your opportunity to step into your power, listening with a whole new awareness and tap into a subtler energetic level. We use the tools of dynamic and soft movement, subtle energetic work, yogic vision quests, meditation and whatever unfolds during these transformational days. By dropping into our body and allow spirit to shine we re-remember that we don’t need to change anything we are already whole.

Come as you are, in your own perfect being, and be ready to meet whatever wants to unfold. You will leave feeling empowered, more present in your body and soul, and proud to be a woman!

How these two days will unfold will be unique to this particular workshop. Topics and practices that may be covered as according to the needs of the group:


    •       Ground and Center

    •       Feel Safe within Yourself and Self-Trust

    •       Own your Boundaries

    •       Own Your Power of Pleasure

    •       Intimately to Listen to Yourself

    •       Feel how your body uniquely speaks your truth to you

    •       Sense where your personal blockages are physically, mentally, and emotionally and how to dissolve them

    •       Own Your Voice and Your Power to Create

    •       Trust Your Gut and Heal your Digestion

    •       Honor Your Fierceness

    •       Dance with Love and Loss: The Art of Forgiveness

    •       Honor Your Deeper Longings

    •       Purify your Senses: Honoring Your Feelings

    •       Know your unique system and begin to honor it

    •       Connecting to Your Pelvic Floor and Vagina


Get ready for transformation!

There is a magical transformation when we decide to commit to ourselves and start to own every aspect of self. This intimate women’s retreat will plant seeds that will leave you “cooking” for months. Take this opportunity to reconnect and step into your very own unique power.

Price: Early Bird 13,000 ISK - if you sign up before the 7th of October / Regular price: 15,000 ISK

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