3 Interactive workshops designed to ground, tap into your inner power and open your heart.

STAND YOUR GROUND – Sunday 02.12, 11am–2pm:

A workshop designed to learn how to be more present, grounded, rooted. We’ll explore this through the practice of asanas, breath work and meditation. This is an interactive workshop designed to give you a full package for the body and mind, open to absolutely everyone. Come curious...your body has all the tools!

THE POWER WITHIN – Sunday 09.12, 11am–2pm:

In this workshop we'll be exploring how we can get in touch with our insides. Looking at yoga as a medicine, we'll learn how to use poses to improve our digestion, to access our inner fire when we need more action and power in our lives. We will touch simple but effective breathing exercises and kriyas to enhance our practice, to gain energy.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Sunday 16.12, 11am–2pm:

Here we look at the science behind backbends / chest openers and how they relate to the emotional anatomy. The intention is to give you a deeper understanding of what actually happens in the body, on a physical and emotional level. We learn how to use the tools of yoga and breath to deal with strong emotions such as grief and fear and create space for love and compassion.

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Cost: Single workshop: 4.900 ISK/ All three: 12.000 ISK

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