Weekly Schedule: 

Mondays, 8:00am–9:15am

hatha morning practice (klara)


Yoga for beginners (agata and tanit)


NEw! Mindfulness meditation (Baddý)



creative flow (baddý)



DEEP FLOW (klara)

Thursdays, 6:00pm–7:30pm

creative flow (baddý)



hatha morning practice (klara)


soft & slow (klara)

Saturdays, 11am–12.30pm

Mindfulness + movement (baddý)

Sundays, 3pm–4.15pm

gentle flow (various teachers)


All classes are taught in English. Schedule updated 4th of November 2018. Sometimes classes will be subbed. Please check updates on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/reykjavikyoga



Single class: 2.000 ISK (cash only)

10 class card: 15.000 ISK (cash or transfer)

3 months (unlimited): 28.000 ISK (cash or transfer)

1 month (unlimited): 16.000 ISK (cash or transfer)

Gift card: 3 classes: 4.500 ISK/5 classes: 7.500 ISK

No booking needed.





Class description:

hatha morning practice:

Revitalizing classes that focus on waking up the energetic centres by working with the spine and the nadis/nervous system. Include Pranayama or/and meditation. Bring your journal! 


creative flow:

Mindful movement, often continuous flow, creative and playful with lot of freedom. Starting with mindfulness meditation and ending with a sweet relaxation. 



Classes that take you into the awareness of your body through a deep flow, linking movement with breath. Aimed to release emotional blockages in your body. 



MINDFUlness + movement:

Set a mindful tone for the weekend! The first part of the class we dive into various topics of the spiritual path, through mindfulness teachings and meditation. Followed by creative and playful Brahmani inspired yoga flow and relaxation. 


soft + slow:

Designed to relax the body and ease into the weekend, these classes will sometimes be restorative and sometime be a mix of yin and slow flow, depending on students' need.


Yoga for beginners:

Comfortable environment where everyone and new to the practice. These classes focus on  fundamentals of yoga, through breathing exercises, basic asana practice (postures and movement) meditation and relaxation.

mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness practices are a powerful tool to cultivate well-being in our lives. These hour long classes will include meditations and talks on a selected topic, Q&A and sharing, plus a visiting Guest-speaker once a month. They are meant to inspire and are open to everyone.