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Reykjavík Yoga offers English-speaking yoga classes in the centre of the city. Our studio is a unique, warm space for everyone to cultivate their spiritual practice and our classes are a well balanced mix of meditation, movement and relaxation. All designed to help you connect with your body, mind and spirit. Everyone will be warmly received!


Love and light



yoga is an invitation to explore


yoga is an invitation to explore

our studio and our classes


You will find variety of classes at Reykjavík Yoga. From strong, energetic Vinyasa Flow classes to easy and relaxing classes. They are all designed to take you into the awareness of your body and your breath, to cultivate the connection with yourself and give you a space to grow.

Our wish is that you will step off the mat having nurtured your spirit, feeling amazing and physically and mentally fulfilled. 

Class cards can be purchased at the studio. We have plenty of mats (with soul) available for you to borrow. Check out prices, cards options and schedule under Schedule & Prices. You find us at Frakkastígur 16, in the colourful house above the bakery.

We look forward to see you on the mat!  




"love is the answer to everything"


"love is the answer to everything"

the teachers



I teach yoga because I am passionate about spiritual growth and well-being and truly believe in the transformational power of yoga and meditation. I wish for everyone to find joy in their yoga and meditation practice and learn to listen to their own bodies, hearts and minds. Yoga is for me a practice of awareness, presence and open heartedness and a path to a more wholehearted life.

I've practiced yoga since 2008, Ashtanga-Vinyasa being the practice where I took my first down dogs. Since then my own practice has changed radically to a more movement based practice, less focused on asanas and entirely focused on awareness. I've attended several yoga workshops in various styles and studied with different teachers, and I am especially grateful for Julie Martin and my teacher Cat Kabira who both inspire me immensely in my teaching.

I seek by inspiration from a wide range of teachers; Spiritual leaders, Mindfulness teachers, Neuroscientists, Quantum physicists, Psychologists, Philosophers, Motivational speakers, Bodyworkers, Anatomists, Bloggers, Researchers, Authors, Poets, Activists, Writers, Actors, Friends, Documentaries, Books, Friends, my Partner, my Cat and my Experiences in life, to name a few.   

My urge to start sharing the wonders of yoga brought me to Ubud, Bali, where I finished a life-changing 240 hours foundation teacher training with Cat Kabira – Yoga and Energetics. Few months later I found myself back with Cat in Ubud, in my 160 hours Advanced Teacher Training. 

In March 2019, I completed a 300 hour, Advanced Intensive Yoga Teacher Training with Julie Martin (Brahmani Yoga) and in June 2019 I will be graduating from my two years Mindfulness Teacher Training Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

I believe happiness is an inside job and although our inner world is sometimes a scary workplace, we need to keep showing up there. The exploration of our inner space is possible through yoga and meditation if we have kindness and self compassion as our main resource. I want to help people deepen the connection with themselves and bring forth even more of that light we all carry with us.




I certainly didn't know yoga would change my life when I took my first class in 2012 in Cork, Ireland. I also didn't know how lucky I was to take my first class with the teachers of Himalaya yoga valley centre and I sure could not know that two years later I'd be on my way to India to complete an intensive 200 hrs TTC with Lalit Kumar and the rest of the team at Himalaya yoga valley centre. I've taken the role of a student since that very first class back in 2012 as I quickly realized that yoga wasn't just about the physical benefits but my love for yoga deepened so immensely during the TTC that it was only after I graduated as a teacher when I made a commitment to myself to always be a student first and then teacher because I believe that teaching = sharing.

I've been sharing my love for yoga ever since. I haven't stopped learning ever since. I prefer an experiental form of learning so I decided to take up a 10 day Vipassana meditation practice in Pushkar, India to understand deeper how the mind and meditation work and then went on exploring Reiki and energy work with Dr. Yogi Vijay Rayal.  I've done couple of workshops regarding breath work, the recent one being with Dan Brule which I found highly inspiring and I can't wait to learn more. As a practicing reflexologist I am naturally passionate about bodies, anatomy, structure and alignmet. I've been lucky to have studied Ashtanga yoga with Iyengar alignments and andjustments since that is Lalit's lineage and I keep exploring this area. In February 2017 I went back to Goa, India to do a 100 hrs Structural awareness technique Immersion with my teachers Adam Divine and Viriam Kaur followed with a Chakra healing course with Viriam later on in Cork, Ireland.

I previously taught at a retreat centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia and I am very proud to have been part of an amazing project Banteay Srey in Kampot, Cambodia where I taught yoga, Reflexology and anatomy.

Another journey in 2015 led me to a Himalayan village in Nepalwhere I got to teach yoga both to teachers and students of primary and secondary school. I must say that those students were one of my best teachers, I learned so much from them and they motivated me to do a Vinyasa yoga for youth Teacher Training with Ryan Leier and Lauren Scruton at Yoga Shala, Reykjavik last summer.

I honor what I've learnt on my yoga journey and I try to share it with all my heart and passion. I truly believe anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, shape, strength, flexibility… I believe there are modifications for every pose and therefore every pose is accessible for every body. I also believe that we have all the tools we need inside of us and yoga helps us to see the inner teacher within every one of us and my role is to create a safe environment where everyone can learn how to use the tools at their own pace, without judgment and criticism.

I have been traveling around the planet for over a decade and it's only here in Iceland where I felt like staying put for a while and being part of this amazing yoga community in Reykjavik. Since I've been traveling myself for so many years I am so happy to experience the meeting of Reykjavik yogis with visiting travelers on the mat, practicing yoga together. I cherish those moments very much.

I hope your yoga journey will take you to Reykjavik Yoga at some stage so we can practice together.




That moment when you realize you have been living for the approval of others. When you reach a state of decisive letting go of the many roles that had been holding you back. When you discover the depth of loneliness and realise it was all imagined. When you recognize the power of a deep breath and the opening that happens when you let the mental fog fade away. When you surrender to the flow of life and its simplicity. You are forever changed.

Yoga came flowing into my life. Opening ancient knowledge within my heart. Teaching me to slow down, recognizing every breath, our innate power to surrender to what is and its infinite awareness.

I had practiced Yoga on and off all my life, from its philosophy to the asanas. The click came after I started to attend Baddy’s classes. Something was shaken very deeply in me, which led me to take several teacher trainings and master classes here in Iceland with other inspirational teachers that I also love such as Ryan Leier or Julie Martin.

My heart later took me to Hawaii for a 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Hawaii’s energy taught me the importance of slowing down, flowing and listening within. And since then I have been absorbing various teachings focused on self healing and the power we all have within.

From Energy Work, Healing Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Ancient Massage therapy, Movement improvisation, GMB, Mindfulness and Mindset techniques and most recently becoming a Wim Hof instructor.

It is my life’s purpose to guide other beings to find what is always there, removing the mental and emotional fog, finding the everlasting joy within. I share from the heart with passion and kindness. Be welcome to a space of me-time on the mat.




From the age of five I have been intensively engaged in ballet and other dance forms and later attended dance academy. Through years of physically demanding training I noticed that my body needed more stability and strength, but especially a more holistic approach. Yoga offered it all.

A few years ago, after teaching years of dance, I followed my heart and signed up for a 200 hr YTT in Italy. The training integrated all styles of movement, yoga, ideas and philosophies. Yoga is yoga. No expectations, learn and be open. It was an intense training for me, but it connected the dots in my life. This approach, this vision on life and the yoga community made me feel at home and still does. A year later I finished the 500 hr training.I believe inspiration is everywhere: in art, in nature, in meeting other people or in the silence of a meditation.

In my classes, playfulness comes first: never forget to play! The experiment, continuing to challenge yourself in a relaxed way, play with balance and discover what you thought you could never do: yoga is so much fun! 




I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Maty Ezraty at YogaWorks in New York city, in the year of 2014. I have been teaching yoga in various places since then.

I love teaching meditation, aligned based Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. I’m passionate about both practicing and teaching yoga and I am inspired by life itself on and off the mat.

Yoga has made me stronger, more centered, more grounded and over all happier in life. It is a privilege for me to be able to introduce yoga and all the possibilities that comes with the practice to others, and support them on their yoga journey. I look forward to see you on the mat!




My adventure with yoga started when I took my first yoga class by mistake as I thought I was going to a Pilates class. Even though I was reluctant at first, I kept coming to practices, there was something that really charmed me from that very first moment! As a result I have never stopped practicing for 7 years. During this time, due to my nomadic lifestyle, I've had a chance to try different types of yoga, different teachers and have made the yoga practice an integral part of my life.

For the last couple of years I have been practicing Jivamukti style, which is a perfect marriage of traditional and modern aspects of yoga. This style is one that inspires me the most as a teacher, bringing together a logical and almost scientific understanding of yoga and at the same time not losing it's mindfulness.

In January 2017 I went to India where I studied yoga to make my dream come true and obtain a certificate of a yoga teacher recognized internationally by Yoga Alliance (200RYS)

My experience in India has given me a chance to learn more about the traditional side of yoga and its philosophy which I try to bring to my classes, at the same time aiming to adjust it to a western practitioner's needs.

Above all I put wellbeing of my students first, following the motto: first, do no harm. In yoga philosophy this applies to Ahimsa - non violence, which I try always to apply for my practice and my life.