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This week @ Reykjavík Yoga

This week Reykjavík Yoga offers you:

Today, TUESDAY @5.30 pm: Klara Ka leads a Vinyasa flow that focuses on the expansion of the breath and the opening of the heart.

THURSDAY @5.30 pm: Vinyasa flow with Baddý that focuses on getting movement in the hip area, opening up and working with the psoas. Introduction to the Sacral chakra.

SATURDAY @11 am: Vinyasa flow with Baddý. Finding joy in the practice, through creativity, exploration and presence. Focus on hips and the psoas.

Look forward to share the practice with you



Wonderful Reykjavík Yoga class

I want to thank Klara Ka for a beautiful class this morning at Reykjavík Yoga, as I was practicing there for the first time, super excited to see how it feels to be a student in that space. And it felt so good! Klara led a heart-opening Vinyasa flow class, at a perfect pace for a Saturday morning. A truly wonderful experience. Namaste to you Klara