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The Breath Journey

I'm very excited about this beautiful breath workshop that Reykjavík Yoga will be hosting in the beginning of December, together with the lovely Nadine Ruiter. Breath work is getting very popular in the world because of its transformational powers. Don't miss this one! There are limited spaces available so throw me a line at to sign up. This can become one of the most powerful experiences in your life :-) 

Where: Reykjavík Yoga, Skúlagata 30, 2nd floor

When: Friday, 2nd of December 2016, 5.30–8.30 pm

Cost: 7.000 ISK

For more info: check out and go to




Just breathe...

The breath lies at the centre of the yoga practice. For me, the awareness of the breath is what makes my practice. If it's not there I'm just doing a physical exercise. I will go as far as saying the awareness of the breath and linking it with movement and asanas is what makes yoga, yoga. In class I will explain why it makes all the difference. 

These two upcoming weeks are going to be even more breath-focused than usual, as we move through a deep, chest-opening Vinyasa flow, practicing the technique of the Ujjayi breath and synchronizing breath with movements.

So, just breathe...

See you on the mat at 5.30 tomorrow Monday, and Wednesday.