Les Leventhal workshop starting tomorrow Saturday!

Reykjavík Yoga will proudly host Les Leventhal Worskhop on his European Tour. Les is one of the most popular and sought after teachers around the world and his teachings will give you an opportunity to heal your heart and laugh, cry, dance and just let go. His classes are playful and packed with experience. 

Saturday 11:00 am-1:30 pm: #1 Rock’n Roll Vinyasa
No matter the challenges life is offering you, here’s an opportunity to let go and just flow. It could the music or it might be the freedom inside your soul. One thing is certain – it’s Rock n Roll Vinyasa.

Saturday 3:00-5:30 pm: #2 Facing and Embracing Fears
This Arm balance and Inversions workshop empowers students to have fun with their fear, often achieving what they may have previously thought not possible. We’ll cover the foundations of setting up an arm balance for newer students, while more advanced practitioners are encouraged to try and explore various " up-levels. 

Sunday 11.00 am–1.30 pm: #3 Detox Flow Vinyasa
Sequences of Hip Openers will liberate tension commonly held in this area, while twists will free your spine and promote detoxification through internal massage. This Hips and Twists workshop is great for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to learn how to up-level in creative ways and also provide a safe foundation for their beginning students.

More Info & Sign-up: yoga@reykjavikyoga.com
More information: www.reykjavikyoga.com/events