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September Guest Teacher: Tómas

Tómas is the guest teacher of the month of September! He will be teaching on Saturday 17th and another class still to be announced. Tómas is a walking, talking ball of radiant light and those who have practiced with him know how present and brilliant he is as a teacher as well.

 Tómas Oddur Eiríksson has been a dedicated yogi since early 2010. His yogic journey began at Yoga Shala Reykjavík where he practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on a regular basis for several years. Tómas received influence from teachers such as Lawino María Johnson, Ryan C. Leier, Aaron Pitchinson at the time. After completing his initial yoga teacher training (Level 1, 200 hr.) with Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir in 2012 he soon began teaching for her at Yoga Shala and all over Reykjavík. Teaching yoga, movement and meditation has been Tómas’s main occupation since then. The Icelandic Academy of the Arts, The Icelandic Dance Company, Kramhúsið, The Reykjavík Dance Atelier are among the places / organisations Tómas has been involved with. Tómas Oddur got into electronic dance music at the time which led him to found Yoga Moves. A dynamic vinyasa flow class with a DJ that later turnes into a free dance party followed by meditation. Tómas has held several bigger events both in Iceland and abroad under the same concept, with great success. In december 2014 Tómas went to Mysore, India to practice Ashtanga Yoga with Ajay Kumar and to complete his second training (Level 2, 300 hr) in Vinyasa Flow with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel at Brahmani Yoga, Goa. Being an explorer and adventurer at heart, Tómas did an undergraduate program in Human Geography (BSc) at the University of Iceland and completed in 2015.




Inspirational Julie Martin

I just spent 5 days in Stockholm in Julie Martin's workshop on Fascia, anatomy, meditation, freedom in movement and much, much more. Julie is a teacher who is constantly asking questions about how our yoga practice is serving us and how we can use it in our daily lives. She was the one that opened my eyes to how I could practice with more awareness and be in my own body. I'm really looking forward to share with you all what I've learned. 

Namaste to all 




Forever student...

My and my mat just arrived here in Stockholm where we will be attending Julie Martin's 5 day intensive yoga workshop. I'm really looking forward to study some fascia and anatomy with her and to explore the freedom in movement that she teaches so brilliantly. I'm thinking we might not be using our mats that much :-D ... Looking forward to share it with you guys when I'm back in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Ása Sóley will be taking good care of Reykjavík Yoga's Vinyasa flow classes and I hope everyone will have a blast! 

Hej då!

My mat and I  ...

My mat and I